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Education Complex: Dr. Willie Mae Rivers Primary School Complete!

The Dr. Willie Mae Rivers Primary School is the very first school established under the Dr. Herldleen Russell Ministries organization. The school was built from the ground up in Ibanda, Uganda. The Dr. Herldleen Russell Ministries is very proud to announce that the school officially became operational in February, 2015. There is currently an enrollment of more than 300 students to date!

The school is intended to be a prototype for future schools to educate the next generation of African leaders. The school honors the living legacy of the former International Supervisor of Women for the Church of God in Christ, Mother Willie Mae Rivers. This is mainly because of the emphasis Mother Rivers placed on improving the lives of young people and preparing them to take their place as society shapers.

The Willie Mae Rivers school exemplifies solid well rounded curricula. Dr. Herldleen Russell has sponsored retired teachers to help train educators so that students will receive world class training in all of the traditional core subjects as well as religious studies.

School Curriculum

The Dr. Willie Mae Rivers (K-12) Primary School seeks to utilize curriculum created by the National Curriculum Development Centre. The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) was established by the NCDC Act Chapter 135, Laws of Uganda Revised Edition 2000 whose history is Decree No. 7 of 1973. The Centre is responsible for inter-alia development of curricula and related materials for various levels of education (i.e. Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary), and organizing capacity building courses for stakeholders on curricula and matters related to curriculum. For more information on NCDC click here

​School's Goals

  • All students will be critical thinkers. They will access, interpret, analyze, and evaluate ideas and information, draw evidence-based conclusions, synthesize new learning with prior knowledge and reflect critically on learning.

  • All students will be effective communicators. They will participate effectively in a variety of forums, actively listen and respond to the ideas of others, share responsibility for outcomes and articulate ideas clearly in multiple formats.

  • All students will be problem solvers. They will identify problems, analyze data, ask questions, utilize a variety of resources, think flexibly, make connections and seek practical, innovative, and entrepreneurial solutions.

  • All students will be resourceful. They will take initiative, set goals, demonstrate persistent effort, adapt to change with resiliency and exhibit ethical leadership and responsible citizenship.

  • All students will be college preparatory. Through a partnership with local colleges/universities, students will take college courses while still in secondary (high) school.

The building efforts for the Dr. Willie Mae Rivers Primary School were completed in 2014. However, this facility is part of a larger Educational Complex initiative under Dr. Herldleen Russell Ministries. Along with the school, there have been initiatives to build a boys and girls dormitory, a library, a kitchen, latrines for girls and boys restrooms, and an administrative building for teachers and faculty.
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1 Comment

Aug 20, 2023

Wow I have 2kids there , it's very nice school I love it 🥰 thanks, though they pay alittle bit high school fee ,🥰🥰

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