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Fresh Water Wells

According to the National Population & Housing Census in 2014, up to 77% of households were without access to clean water in Ibanda Uganda.  To date, more than 60% of rural areas still lack access to safe water in all of Uganda. Those who do not have access to an improved source of water must rely on unsafe sources such as rivers, lakes, and unprotected wells. One consequence of poor access and quality is that water-borne diseases have and do lead to infant mortality.


Since 2013, DHR Ministries has been committed to connecting resources to the needs of the global indigent.   In partnership with Water4 org, we've raised funding to build 13 boreholes/water wells in the Ibanda district since November 2014. We have also raised funding to build 4 boreholes in Bwondha, Uganda and 2 boreholes in Gulu, Uganda. 

Everyone deserves access to clean water.  

Costs of Wells:

Manual Wells - $2,300 – $3,000

Mechanical Wells - $6,000 - $10,500

Every year DHR Ministries visits the rural communities and schools within Uganda.  Each year, the number one need reported is access to clean water. We continue to raise funding to meet these needs. As recent as September of 2018, we were able to supply two water wells in Bigyera, Uganda. (see picture below)


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