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Sponsor A Child

According to the National Population & Housing Census in 2014, between 7.2 and 11.4% of the Ibanda district population between ages 0-17 were deemed orphans.  This great need is the reason DHR sponsored a project to build an orphanage.  The Hope Center Orphanage was completed in June 2016 and houses more than 40 orphans today. The children are currently cared for by local widows in Ibanda, Uganda.

The Sponsor a Child project is a means to give a life-changing opportunity to a poverty-stricken community of orphans.  For $50 per month,  a child will receive clothing, food, hygiene items, healthcare, school supplies and paid tuition costs.  This project also funds the operational maintenance of the orphanage and local education facilities.  Lastly, this funding supports special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas for the child. 100% of funds received will go toward the well being of the child sponsored.  Upon signing up, you can expect to receive an initial letter by mail as well as regular updates about the child and their environment.  


To support this project please complete the form below and use the donate button to begin transforming a child's life today!




Hello My Name Is:

Daniella Keeza

I'm currently a resident of the Hope Center Orphanage by way of Kagongo. I'm 8 years old.

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