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Educational Complex 

The DHR Ministries organization has raised over $200,000 toward building an educational complex in Ibanda, Uganda.  To date the campus includes a completed 7 classroom primary school, a completed boy dormitory, and a completed kitchen.  Remaining projects in progress on the campus include an administration building, a library, and girl dormitory. Click here for more information.

boy on water well.jpg

Water Wells 

To provide access to safe water, DHR Ministries has partnered with Water4 org to build 13 boreholes/water wells in the Ibanda district since November 2014. We have also raised  funding to build 4 boreholes in Bwondha, Uganda and 2 boreholes in Gulu, Uganda. Click here for more information about how you can be a part of providing safe water for poverty-stricken communities in Uganda.


Sponsor A Child 

According to UNICEF, Uganda has 2.5 million orphans.  In 2013, the DHR Ministries organization began a project to build an orphanage. The Hope Center Orphanage building was completed in June 2016 and can house up to 60 orphans. It is currently managed by local widows in Ibanda, Uganda.  There is currently a new project in place to sponsor the 40 children currently being housed that need sponsorship for clothing, food, tuition for school, and necessary healthcare.  For more information about how you can help us meet this need, please click here

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Technical Trade School​

Because there are not many opportunities for Ugandans post secondary school, the DHR Ministries organization is sponsoring the construction of a technical trade  school in the Ibanda district.  The goal is to provide resources for young adults to learn core tradecraft skills that will help them sustain themselves and their families. These skills will include agriculture training, sewing classes, and other manual and practical activities. Click here for more information about this effort.


Medical Center

Because there are several households in Uganda that do not have adequate health facilities accessible to them in several parts of he Ibanda District, DHR Ministries is currently working to partner with the local government to build a hospital facility. For more information about this project click here.

Mt Rose Primary School.jpg

Primary Schools 

To date, the DHR Ministries organization has completed two 7 classroom primary schools. The first was built on the educational complex in Ibanda, Uganda and the second was built and completed in Bwondha, Uganda.  Currently, the construction has begun for an additional primary/secondary school in Sayuni. For more information about this project please click here.

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